January 17, 2012 | By EWG

Aerie House

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Aerie House
Park City, Utah

The Aerie house is perched on a hill overlooking the eastern segment of Park City. The main stairwell guides you from a high point entry, close to the main thoroughfare, through the house, and to the back yard where an aspen forest cradles the residence and looks out on the valley floor. This stairway both connects and organizes the site and house, acting as a vascular system, feeding the indoors with the out and vice versa. It also serves to separate private and public functions, keeping the quietude of the bedrooms safe from any festive activities happening in the social areas.

This house takes full advantage of the natural surroundings. The back deck hands you to the forest. The windows facing east greet the sun and keep you warm on a cool winter’s day. The xeriscaping makes a smooth transition from human to nature. The natural tones in the rock and siding shake hands with nature. It is a good fit.