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October 11, 2012 | By EWG

Rocky Mountain Power Solar Incentives

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in 2013 Rocky Mountain Power will begin to offer $50 million in incentives for solar installation. That’s 50 times the amount that was offered with the pilot program. Right now, if you had qualified, you are rebated $1.55 per watt on a grid-tied system, up to $4,650.  This is on top of the 30% tax credit from federal incentives and a 25% tax incentive from the state.  2013 details are not clear at this time, but will no doubt be in line with the previous program.  Time to PV.

Deseret News article

Details at Rocky Mountain Power (2012 information currently, check back to see 2013 info and applications)

State tax incentive information

Incentives of all kinds can be found here


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