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Project Description


At the age of six I knew that I wanted to pursue the life of an Architect. With that goal in mind, I have always been intrigued by the sublimity of the Skyscraper.

As I currently journey through a career in Architecture, there are many architects and buildings that impact my thought on design. Because of my fascination for the Skyscraper and ornamentation, I have selected Mark Foster Gage’s rather highly, exaggerated, ornamental skyscraper , West 57th Street Tower. Gage’s proposed tower for the city of New York creates, through its ornamentation, a rather forced dialogue between ornamentation and the International Style of the 20th century. And that is why Gage’s proposed tower is so intriguing, Because for decades the International Style has built an environment of perfectly sculptured skyscrapers with sleek and smooth envelopes, but at the cost of ornamentation.

Architecture is meant to move us. It is supposed to create emotions unexplainable to the natural man. That is what Gage’s work does for me, through its gothic cantilevered winged balconies. And its use of bronze and precious metals eccentrically placed. Creating an extravagance to the envelope of the tower. Gage tries to create a bond once broken between his tower and its long lost sister, ornamentation.

Gage tries to revive the long lost ornamentation that we would see with renowned architects like, Antoni Gaudi. When the Architect was allowed to create art out of his buildings, without being frowned upon it being wasteful or excessive.

This is why I enjoy this Tower so much, because it makes a stance against the current norm. And that is what architects are supposed to do. We need to challenge norms and push boundaries. We need to create emotions on those that pass by. We need to call upon change and that is what this tower speaks to me. It is avant-garde. It cries for change from top of its 102nd floor. And I am listening. Are you?

Bachelor of Art, Architecture,
University of San Diego 2016

Associates of Science,
Salt Lake Community College 2012

Intern Architect, Elliott Workgroup Architecture, LLC, Park City, UT 

Pharmacy Technician II, Intermountain Healthcare 2016 – 2017

Pharmacy Technician, CVS Caremark 2014 – 2016

Architecture Internship, USD 2015

Patient Service Representative, Intermountain Healthcare 2014

Outpatient Office Coordinator, Highland Ridge Hospital 2012 – 2014

PTCB 2016 – 2018

Wasatch Symphony Orchestra

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