Project Description


One of the buildings that have always inspire me is La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – Spain. It is one of the biggest and most impressive cathedrals based on the traditions of Gothic and Byzantine buildings. But the real beauty of the building lays on its way to express Beliefs through architecture.

The architect Gaudi was probably inspired by nature but it is the way the light penetrates the building, through different shapes and color glasses that has always inspire me. When you walk in, it feels like you are in a forest where the light filters through the top of the trees.

There are many symbols in the cathedral, where ever you look, you can find a representation to these Beliefs and an overall vision that has yet not been finish. The Cathedral is still in construction, projected to finish within the next 10 years.

La Sagrada Familia always reminds me that architecture is not just shelter but a form of art, it can make you feel, through it forms and light. The design of a building can make you feel welcome or not, no matter the style or size but its way to relate with people.

Bachelor of Architecture UPC,
Lima Peru 2002

Elliott Workgroup Architecture, LLC, Park City, UT 2006-2009/2016-Present

Poggione Architects, Lima Peru 2002-2005

Merchandising Design, Lima Peru 2000

Girls Scout Junior Troop co-Leader, Park City 2016-Present

CCD Volunteer Teacher, St Mary’sPark City 2016-Present

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