January 17, 2012 | By EWG

King’s Crown

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The Residences at King’s Crown
Park City, Utah

This Residences is a Triplex project expressed as three Single Family Dwellings. The Architectural expression evolves from Park City’s historic mining past through the use of building materials, color and texture. As a design driven toward Condo Resort Living, the spaces are design to expand visually to Outdoor areas. Pockets of separation between Dwelling Units are utilized to create a privacy, while the primary orientations of the Structures rotate as to not impose on the views of another.

The Vertical nature of these dwellings allow for greater exposure to natural light and passive cooling and ventilation. The stair towers are designed to act with a chimney effect, allowing unwanted heat to rise and exhaust through a mechanical vent tied to a ceiling height thermostat. This sustainable design draws cooler air up and through the dwelling units, reducing the need for air conditioning in summer months.